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Visit the Delta Dental Risk Assessment Tool to examine common risk indicators and provide custom feedback to help you maintain a healthy smile.

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A periodontist is someone who focuses on caring for gum tissue. From cleaning teeth roots that inflame gums to doing gum surgery, they help prevent tooth loss by keeping your gums healthy. 

Infant Oral Health
Healthy gums and baby teeth in the youngest of children can help ensure a lifetime of good oral health.
Medical Conditions and Oral Health
Look here for information on a range of childhood illnesses that affect oral health, from viruses to food allergies and secondhand smoke.
There are options to help your child get that perfect smile. Braces, dental appliances, and space maintainers all help straighten those pearly whites.
Young Adult
Medical Conditions and Oral Health
Certain medical conditions such as bulimia and GERD can affect a person's oral health. Learn more about these conditions and others in this section.
Bad Breath
Get to the bottom of bad breath. It could be the sign of a serious health condition.
Older Adult
Diabetes and Oral Health
Healthy teeth and gums are an important part of managing diabetes.
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